About Us

We're creating an intelligence tool to automate the cannabis industry

We're creating AI tools to empower cannabis growers worldwide. We work with growers, equipment manufacturers, and facility leads to transform problems into processes by using technology that enables smarter decisions and allows for repeatable mechanized processes.


Our Story

Jon Gowa, our founder, has been playing with robots since childhood. After graduating from college, he saw how agricultural robots were used in commercial applications to replace manual labor. Then, while working for Boston Dynamics in 2015, Jon became intrigued by the potential for robotics in Cannabis when he learned about the industry’s growth potential. Jon quickly recognized cannabis growers' reliance on manual labor to perform mundane tasks and wondered if robots could automate the same functions.

That's when he realized that by combining computer vision with machine learning software, he could bring AI technology to a wide range of cannabis applications. Soon, Bloom expanded from a prototype in Jon's apartment to an advanced AI-powered vision system. Working with his team of equally passionate software engineers, they created the algorithm to quickly and precisely trim cannabis branches robotically by distinguishing the flower, leaf, and stem and removing just the leaf.

Today, the AI-powered vision system has expanded to provide the intelligence to automate almost every repetitive task in the grow room, helping growers improve their production, quality, and profitability.

The Team

We are a team of data nerds and computer vision specialists determined to improve cannabis profitability and processes.

We provide our customers with intelligent tools that empower them to turn problems into processes, and deliver profit in even the most cost conscious environments.

Bloom is bringing advanced automation and machine-learning to the commercial and medical cannabis industry to achieve a new level of pre and post-harvest automation and processing.

By optimizing deep machine-learning technology, Bloom is at the forefront of artificial intelligence and cannabis vision. The technology is capable of evaluating and processing cannabis flowers through advanced optics and proprietary algorithms.


Jon graduates from Tufts University with commercial robotics in mind.


Jon completes his first prototype in his apartment.


Bloom Automation raises capital through a Seed A funding round.


Bloom raises Seed B funding based on improved robotics and computer learning algorithms.


Initial customer installations.


Bloom’s Cannabis AI exceeds human visual capacity.

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