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Plant-Health & Growth

Early mold detection

Bloom AI can analyze individual plants within a grow room to identify pathogens or poor plant health early in the growing process. This early detection can save cultivators hundreds of hours of labor and thousands in lost profit. Combining Bloom visual data with other growth factors like humidity, temperature, and genetic modifications can help identify opportunities to reduce pathogen development within the grow environment.

Track plant growth

Utilizing the Bloom vision system, cultivators can automatically track the growth and health of their plants within any size grow room. With Bloom's "eye in the sky" technology, cultivators can see how well their plants are doing at any point in their history by tracking the leafiness and height of their stalk. They can also look back in time to review their plant's growth progression. This data gives producers a better understanding of their growing cycles and routines.

Post-Harvest Automation


Bloom's vision system can distinguish the trichome-covered flower from sugar leaves and stems. This segmentation allows a robotic bucker to pinpoint the exact location to remove the bud from the branch without leaving excess stem or damaging the flower. Manual bucking is highly laborious and costly, and other machine buckers on the market are destructive, limiting their use and devaluing the producer's crop. With Bloom technology, growers can improve their efficiency while retaining quality, resulting in better flowers and higher profits.


Bloom's computer vision combined with a custom robotic work cell allows processors to precisely trim cannabis branches at 2x the speed of a hand trimmer, all while keeping the valuable trichomes intact. This innovative mechanization gives cultivators a hand-quality trim with the consistency and reliability of a machine. Bloom's AI-powered robots can work around the clock, allowing cultivators to focus their time on other high-value cultivation areas.

Quality Control & Grading

Rejection sorting

Currently, cannabis harvesters have to rely solely on the human eye to ensure quality assurance. By placing Bloom’s vision system in your quality assurance process, the software can continuously image the buds as they are traveling and reject them based on specific criteria. For example, Bloom AI can reject a flower with excess leaves, stems, or signs of mold. With Bloom, cultivators can eliminate the reputational risk associated with manual quality control while increasing profit margins through labor reductions.


Bloom’s computer vision and AI system can rapidly grade individual cannabis buds to maximize the wholesale or retail sales price based on size, color, trim level, or other user input criteria. By grading and sorting the outputs, the producer can optimize every part of the plant for maximum economic and process efficiency.

Let Bloom Automate Your Process


Consult with Bloom to identify the processes and results you want to automate with AI. Bloom will use this roadmap to create a custom automation plan for your facility.


Using Bloom's patented technology, we’ll implement computer vision and machine learning into your desired process, integrating with existing or new robotic work cells for the most cost-effective implementation.


Enjoy the increased productivity, intelligence, and reliability of Bloom technology throughout your facility and benefit from reduced costs and improved flower utilization.

Implement Bloom Technology

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