Make data-driven decisions automatically with AI

Computer Vision & Robotic Intelligence

Our patented machine-learning algorithm sees cannabis for what it is — flowers and leaves, trichomes and petioles — just like a human’s eyes.

By optimizing deep machine learning and computer vision, Bloom empowers cannabis businesses to achieve new productivity levels, flower quality, and profitability.



3D Computer Vision Scanning

Bloom’s advanced optics technology instantly scans the entire cannabis plant down to the individual trichome in real-time, either on the plant or as part of a processing line. This image is the starting point for the entire machine-learning process.

Behind the Lense

3D Computer Vision Depth Mapping

The custom-built stereoscopic camera array is at the heart of Bloom’s vision system. These cameras are designed specifically for imaging cannabis plants, which present a unique challenge because of their density, shape, and color complexity. The pair of cameras work together, like a pair of eyes, indexing the plant and determining its exact distance from the camera. These references allow Bloom’s algorithm to manipulate the data for various applications.


Machine Learning Analysis

Using our extensive database of imaged flowers, Bloom AI quickly analyzes the image using our patented algorithm to create an action plan for downstream automation.


Deep Machine Learning

Bloom’s artificial intelligence system runs the image depiction through an advanced machine-learning algorithm that has been taught to segment the cannabis plant based on our extensive real-world data set. This classified data segmentation produces a detailed analysis that helps cultivators better understand their production cycles and identify opportunities for optimization.

Data Collection

Bloom technology allows cultivators to automatically collect valuable data as it is processed and compiled by our software. This enables producers to track their plants' progress, yield, and health before and during the harvest. In addition, all customers can access and download their personalized data and analysis at any time with the click of a button.



Robotic Programming

The Bloom system uses machine-learning analysis to provide the commands for robotic automation on secondary processes as desired. These can be custom-developed by Bloom or integrated with an existing or pre-engineered robotic work cell.

Bloom Elevates Your Workflow

Our intelligent software can be utilized in every aspect of your grow operation.


Marijuana Business Magazine

“Bloom Automation, a Massachusetts robotics startup, is bringing decades of experience in military and agricultural robotics and autonomous navigation to cannabis cultivators and processors.”